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There are currently 3.1 billion people with a food restriction worldwide, which is as many as 1 in every 2.4 people. 

In order that these people can enjoy their meal without worry, it is necessary to understand what ingredients have gone into it. However, differences in language, system and understanding provide a barrier to this information being easily available and, as such, many people with food restrictions find themselves feeling uneasy when in Japan. 

It is for this reason that FOODPICT (food pictograms) have been developed.

FOODPICT are 14 food-related pictograms that can be used to help people with allergies and those who have a food restriction for religious or personal reasons. 

In accordance with guidelines from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Japanese Industrial Standards

Committee (JISC), our FOODPICT have been checked by 1500 people with different languages and cultures to confirm that the meaning of each pictogram is conveyed correctly. Therefore we can guarantee a quality design with international understanding. They have also been designed following the Color Universal Design guidelines and so can be used by people with eyesight related needs such as colorblindness, glaucoma and cataracts.

FOODPICT are currently in use in 1400 places in Japan and abroad and we aim to expand with the approaching Tokyo Olympic games. Our long term goal is to spread FOODPICT internationally and make them the world standard.

For examples of uses of FOODPICT, please refer to our gallery

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